German Embassy official visits with New Ulm mayor

NEW ULM – Knut Abraham, the Minister-Counselor, the Consul General and the Head of the Consular and Legal Section of the German Embassy in Washington, D.C., visited with New Ulm Mayor Bob Beussman on Friday at City Hall.

Abraham has previously held high level positions in Germany, including working in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office, prior to his post with the German Embassy.

Abraham is visiting New Ulm and the region for three days to attend a family reunion with his relatives in the United States. He said he is related to several people with the last name of Hesse, as well as around nine other families around the region. He said he previously visited New Ulm at age 16 in 1982 and age 18 in 1984. He said he kept fond memories of the town and still has a tourism guide from 1984, which has German writing in it.

Abraham said he stopped by the mayor’s office to introduce himself while he tours New Ulm. He said he is looking forward to visiting local landmarks such as Schell’s Brewery and the Hermann Monument. He said he is impressed with how much character and tradition is on display in town.

He added that he has a passion for Schell’s beer due to his visits here, but the nearest distributor to Washington D.C. is a four-hour drive away. He said he wants to remedy this problem by contacting Schell’s and seeing whether they could provide the beer for the German Embassy’s national reunificaion event.

Abraham has also been connected with New Ulm prior to his visit. He as instrumental last year in helping the Hans Joohs Exchange Program with paperwork to allow Eva Karremann travel from Ulm, Germany, to New Ulm.

Abraham said he may visit New Ulm again in a few years. He said he is interested in touring the chain of towns with strong German heritage in the northern portions of United States.

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