Labor Day issues

As people all over the U.S. celebrate Labor Day by taking a day off, there are issues surrounding the day that emphasize that not everyone enjoys the satisfaction and blessings of a good job that pays a satisfying, supportive wage.

Economic figures show job numbers are growing little by little, month by month, but a great many of these new jobs are service jobs, relatively low-paying, often part-time, usually lacking in health benefits.

This past week, fast food restaurant workers across the country held protests calling for significant wage increases for their minimum-wage positions.

Statistics show the middle class is struggling, with little income growth, even as those in the top levels of the management are earning more than ever. American manufacturing workers have been improving their productivity while wages have remained stagnant.

These are the kind of issues that the American Labor movement faced over the years, organizing and mobilizing American workers to improve pay and benefits, to demand safer and healthier working conditions.

In this global workplace, where jobs and workers can be relocated to other countries, it is imperative that labor and business owners find a way to work together, to find ways to maintain business competitiveness while assuring more workers a decent wage and secure employment.

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