Storm damages trees on Winthrop golf course

WINTHROP – Three people removed debris Sunday from Saturday’s storm front that knocked down trees and many branches in the southwest corner of the Winthrop Golf Club.

Brad Kaizer and Stephon Steinke did most of the heavy lifting near the second hole. They described what the weather system was like when it blew over the golf course.

“I heard a roar at about 7:45 p.m., looked out the window and saw branches blowing by. I didn’t see a funnel, but it was blowing hard. Trees were bent over,” said Steinke, who was in the golf clubhouse when the storm front approached from the northwest.

Kaizer said five to 10 trees on the golf course were knocked down by the storm.

“Some smaller trees were blown over with roots pulled out of the ground,” Kaizer said. “Corn was flattened in several spots near the golf club. We had a more severe storm a few years ago that knocked down more larger trees.”

Many smaller tree branches were scattered around the golf course, located on high land, southwest of Winthrop.

A half inch of rain was reported to have fallen in Fairfax Saturday evening.

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