Little sympathy for Ariel Castro

The sordid case of Ariel Castro, the Cleveland man who kidnapped three young women and imprisoned them for more than years under the most unspeakable of circumstances, came to a sudden end on Tuesday when he hung himself in his prison cell, barely a month into his life sentence.

There can be little sympathy for Castro, who insisted at his sentencing that he was “not a monster,” despite reports that he repeatedly raped, beat, starved and even forced his captives to have miscarriages after he impregnated them. Their ordeal ended when one of the captives managed to escape her prison room and call out to a nearby neighbor for help.

Castro pled guilty to multiple charges to avoid the death penalty, but faced a life in prison with no hope of release. It obviously proved too much for him. He didn’t have a fraction of the strength that his victims showed in their decade of pain.

The State of Ohio should conduct an investigation into how one of the highest profile prisoners in its prison system, under protective custody, managed to hang himself.

We hope that Castro’s sudden death will provide some comfort to his victims, in the knowledge that the world is a better, safer place for them.

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