Eagle Update

Here we go! School is off and running for New Ulm Public Schools. My thanks to all of our staff for their efforts in getting ready for the students and parents. There are many days and weeks of preparation required for our staff to have things ready for the students. The open houses last week provided parents an opportunity to meet with staff and for the students to meet with their teachers so we can all have a great start to the school year.

It goes without saying that we will have many more cars on the roads, students on the streets and busses moving through town as we work to get our students safely to and from school. Please be careful around intersections, near our schools and watch for kids who aren’t quite in a routine of school. It takes all of us being completely aware to ensure a safe route to school.

We encourage healthy eating habits and physical activities for all of our students. Our food service program will continue to provide healthy and nutritious meals each day. There are many fruits and vegetables offered that students might not have tried before. Parents can help by encouraging their student to try these and also make them available at home.

Our staff will do their best to include more movement and physical activities throughout the school day. We are working with the Heart of New Ulm project to find ways to increase health related topics and options for our staff and students. Encouraging walking to school, eating healthier foods and fostering positive relationships in school all help students to focus in school and life.

Thank you to parents, businesses and communities for your support of New Ulm Schools. Go Eagles!

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