Don’t be infected by war fever

To the editor:

I choose not to be infected by war fever. I have not hopped on any bandwagons since I was a very innocent and naive child and I will never do that again.

Each one of our tax dollars ought to be used, if we believe in kindness and social progress, to better conditions for our own citizens and largely within our own borders. We obviously do not have the resources to fix the world according to our ideals. Righting all wrongs within our own society would seem to be challenging enough. Why this diversion from looking at our own realities?

Please remember, Mr. President, as you “weigh options,” that many of us voted you in in order to make more feasible the creation of a world in which the U.S. would cooperate within the family of nations and not function as an out-of-control, high-on-hormones teenager on the world stage. God help us.

I have lived and worked in a city where sarin gas was being used by a religious cult against the people and the “powers-that-were” (Tokyo, 1995). MOST of us residents survived the terroristic acts and the fear that they engendered, and the government eventually figured out exactly who was responsible and has brought almost all of those people in for punishment. Thank goodness no foreign power tried to help sort out that mess.

There are still those of us around who believe in the idea of national sovereignty. It is still a very popular notion in many areas of the world.

Eisenhower was so wise in these matters. We ought to sport t-shirts carrying his pronouncements and advice. And Carl Sandburg was also very wise. When I lived and worked in Tokyo, I read his poem on World War III to my adult students in class one evening as the rockets were beginning to blare with the launching of the first Gulf War. These well-educated and well-traveled young adult students were in a state of shock, stunned that this country that they liked so much and whose language they had already taken the trouble to study for many years would use its resources in this way.

Again, God help us.

Shirley Iverson

New Ulm

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