They want their TBN

To the editor:

A few weeks ago one of our New Ulm television cable providers chose to move TBN, which was on channel 15, to another tier. This requires an additional cost for those who wish to view this channel. We sere sorry to see this happening as we watched it on a regular basis. A number of our friends were also upset by this move. When talking to the provider office we were told to advise people to contact that office and express their disapproval of their actions. There are many people who enjoyed this station and don’t wish to add another tier to their bill. This is a very popular channel for homebound people that can’t attend their church because of physical reasons or other things that prohibit them from attending. If this is a station that you enjoyed seeing we urge you to contact this provider. You will know which one to contact if you were a subscriber that had this channel dropped from your viewing list.

Having said this, we want to say that the provider in question gives very good service and other than this we are well satisfied with their service.

Lorraine & Harris Franz

New Ulm

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