Park and Rec OKs fee increases

NEW ULM – The Park and Recreation Commission set fee increases Monday during a review of the 2014 Fee Schedule. The increases were suggested to keep pace with inflation, and the finalized Fee Schedule will be approved in October.

The rental fees for Harman Park’s shelter will be $20 per hour with reservations or $22.50 per hour without a reservation, and a daily rental fee of $153 with reservations or $168.30 without. A $75 damage deposit was added.

A tournament fee of $5.91 with reservations and $6.50 without reservations was added to Johnson and Mueller parks to reflect the cost of a tournament.

A new rental fee of $200 was established for the River Valley BMX Agreement. The New Ulm Junior Baseball Association’s user fee of North Park will be increased from $2,800 to $3,200, which is in line with a prior agreement. All the listed fees include taxes.

For facility fees, rental space fees also had a 2 to 3 percent increase. The total day threshold for the 3-tier discounts on ice fees was lowered.

For membership fees, the Civic Center daily admission was increased 25 cents. Recreation Center daily fees will remain flat. A modest increase will be added to Rec Center and Civic Center membership fees.

The Commission also approved changing its cancellation penalty policy to only charge one month of membership cost to members who cancel one-year membership contract due to relocation more than 20 miles away, instead of the traditional two-month charge. The change is meant to help people with this problem, streamline the process and save on costs by encouraging payment of the fee, instead of the Department getting returned bank drafts from closed accounts. The change is expected to be revenue neutral.

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