Lucky to be living in New Ulm

To the editor:

Once again, my family and I have been reminded how blessed we are to live in New Ulm. While at work on Sunday, Aug. 25, I started having some shortness of breath and sweating. After a few minutes it became stronger and obviously wasn’t going to quit. Being alone at work, thankfully I got hold of a staff who could come in at 2 in the morning. I then called 911 and the ambulance was there within minutes.

Evidently, (this part I don’t remember), they shocked me twice in the emergency room and immediately called for the helicopter. They flew me to the Heart Institute at Abbot and got there 10 minutes faster than predicted. They shocked me once again in the helicopter and all I remember is the descent into Minneapolis. When I woke up, it was two days later.

The heart condition that I had is so rare that even Abbot only sees 1/3 cases a year and 2/3 people don’t live. The doctors at Abbot raved about how efficient the New Ulm ER room was. They made it very clear that had they not acted so quickly and thoroughly, I would not be here.

So this is a big thank you to the team who was at the Emergency Room that night, ambulance, police, helicopter, staff where I was at work, my family, and all the prayers received. As God as my witness I know that had a huge impact on my recovery as well.

So once again, we’re reminded of how blessed we are to be in New Ulm. For those who don’t believe little New Ulm knows what they’re doing, well do I have a story for you! We should all be more grateful for the community in which we live and the people hard at work. It truly does make a difference!

Jean Nielsen

New Ulm

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