Planning panel OKs permit applications

NEW ULM – The Brown County Planning Commission approved four Conditional Use Permit (CUP) applications and a multi-lot split final plat Tuesday.

Gary Schroepfer applied to permit an existing 250 x250x25-foot deep gravel mining operation to include screening and gravel extraction, no hot mix plant in the A-1 Agricultural Protection Zone, Eden Township. The owner is responsible for dust control during hauling and will not do mining operations without procuring applicable storm water permits through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), according to the CUP.

Helene Karstens applied to renew an existing CUP allowing a dog boarding kennel for up to 20 dogs at once in the A-1 Zone, Cottonwood Township.

Ryan Brandts applied to renew and amend an existing CUP due to ownership change, to continue to allow 835 Animal Units (2,790 head) and for future expansion of up to 1,050 AU (3,500 head) in a hog wean-to-finish operation in the A-1 Zone, Albin Township.

The feedlot owner/operator must obtain all required state permits. An NPDES OR SDS permit will be needed at 2,500 head and/or 1,000 AU which will come at the time of expansion, according to the CUP.

A perimeter tile line access port must be constructed and maintained within 20 feet down-grade of the barns to allow drawing tile line water samples for water analysis as may be desired in the future.

David and Angela Tauer applied to expand an existing feedlot from 250 AU to 375 AU in a dairy operation and continue to allow use of an existing 145×220-foot earthen basin in the A-1 Zone, Albin Township.

Timothy and Jennifer Jones’ multi-lot final plat is two existing building sites, changing the interior lines to grant more space to the north property for better street access.

Planning Commission recommendations will be considered by the Brown County Board at 10:30 a.m., Tuesday, Sept. 17.

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