Substance abuse grant not renewed

NEW ULM – Under-Age Substance Abuse Coalition (USAC) Program Director Kim Janke was notified on Saturday, Sept. 7, that USAC did not receive the year 6-10 Drug Free Communities Grant that USAC applied for in March. Therefore, the current grant cycle will end as of Sept. 30.

“This is a sad and frustrating time for USAC as our work is far from finished,” said Janke. “We have made many strides in the first five years of our grant, and we needed the funding to continue our work. We have a great number of partner businesses and organizations that collaborate with USAC to get our prevention efforts out into the schools and public.”

Janke will continue as a volunteer to maintain the office, website, server trainings, marketing, etc., and USAC will continaue to have board meetings, she said. USAC will also continue to work on issues such as policy changes and work with community organizations and businesses to continue the work they have been doing for more than five years, said Janke.

“There unfortunately will not be any funding associated with it. So if a special project comes up, we will be looking towards our partner organizations to help with that. There are many things that can be done with little to no money, but it’s just a little harder.”

USAC will apply again in February for the grant, but the result of that application will not be known be until September 2014. Janke also notes that eight other groups in Minnesota also applied for year 6-10 grant, but only two received it.

“There appear to be reasons we are not aware of, on why they are cutting so many of the Minnesota grants. We have noticed that rural Minnesota did not fare well in the grant process,” she said.

USAC will receive their score and how their grant was reviewed, shortly.

For any questions about programming and sustainability, call Janke at 507-354-6512 or e-mail

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