Drug task force leads 22 drug arrests in Marshall area

MARSHALL – A total of 22 drug busts were executed in and around the City of Marshall last Monday during a coordinated drug sweep involving the agencies of the Brown-Lyon-Redwood-Renville Drug Task Force, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, the Renville County Sheriff’s Office, the Marshall Police Department and the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office. Additionally, approximately 10 more arrest are expected to follow in the coming day with warrants issued for several more individuals.

Detective Joe Krogman, of the Marshall Police Department, said the charges ranged from 5th-degree possession to 1st-degree possession. He said the arrests were primarily in the City of Marshall, though several were made up to 15 miles outside of the city. He said the drugs seized were mainly meth and marijuana, though there were a few instances of cocaine and LSD drugs.

The arrests were not part of one single operation, but instead the conclusion of several investigation at the same time.

Krogman described the sweep as typical and very successful. He also noted the the types of drugs found were typical of these operations. However, he did note that there has been a growing trend of meth and heroine arrests in the region.

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