NUHS Class of ’50 63rd reunion coming up

To the editor:

On Sept. 20, a goodly number of the NUHS class of 1950 will celebrate its 63rd reunion.

We run less, have less muscle power, and less other things, but we can still reminisce, tell stories about those of us no longer living or unable to reunion with us, laugh at our foibles, brag about our descendents, exchange symptoms of our infirmities and hope for the best.

And we have wonderful memories of growing up in New Ulm. Even those of us living far away often refer to it as “home.” We are grateful to the high school and the taxpayers of that time who provided us with band and football uniforms, music lessons, art classes, a library and a faculty able to deal with teenage rambunctious energy.

We will probably not talk politics or religion, as the way we think has the power to cause us see each other in a less kindly light. On the other hand we still have the energy and vim to have strong feelings and have not withdrawn from life.

If we have any of the major insights that supposedly accompany aging, we will be happy to share them. If we can remember them.

Dorothy Blake

Sebastapol, Calif.

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