In search of more energy truths

To the editor:

I would like to thank the Sibley County GOP Board members for their efforts to seek out the truth about the real cost of producing energy in our country. I am looking forward to their fact finding results about the oil and coal industries as well.

I have wondered frequently how much oil was spilled in the Gulf of Mexico and how much wildlife died as a result. Also, I have heard almost nothing about how many oil pipeline leaks there are in the US each year, the causes of the leaks, how much oil is spilled, how much wild life is killed and how many streams and lakes are polluted. I have heard that it is over 100 major leaks and tens of thousands of gallons of oil, but have rarely seen and news reports on them. Smells like a cover up to me.

I would also like to know how many tax dollars are spent subsidizing the oil and coal industries. However much it is, it should stop since the oil industries report billions of dollars in profits each year. I say it’s time they pay their own way and stop picking the taxpayers’ pockets. I am looking forward to finding the truth about these other energy industries as well. Thanks again.

Bill Harris

New Ulm

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