Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

What about Minnesota River?

THUNBS DOWN: Congress seems ready to close down the Upper St. Anthony Lock on the Mississippi River to try to keep Asian carp from spreading farther north. It is a good idea, worthy of consideration, but it does little to protect the Minnesota River, which connects with the Mississippi farther south.

Asian carp include several species of fish which are working their way closer to Minnesota. The silver carp are the ones seen in videos leaping wildly out of the water when a motor boat disturbs them. They and other species grow fast, consume food that other fish need, disturb water plants and ruin water quality.

Congress should be working on ways to keep these fish from infesting our waters. It is possible to set up electric barriers and bubble barriers to keep them out, costly measures, to be sure, but measures that will cost us even more if they aren’t taken.

Everyday hero

THUMBS UP: By now everyone, even Warren Buffet, has heard about Joey Prusak, the young Hopkins Dairy Queen employee who did the right thing this week for a customer. Prusak saw the customer, who is vision impaired, unknowingly drop a $20 bill, and the woman behind him pick it up and put it in her purse. Prusak asked the woman to return it, and refused to serve her when she wouldn’t. Then, Prusak gave the other customer $20 out of his own pocket. When another customer emailed Dairy Queen to tell of the good deed, it went viral, leading Buffet, whose company owns DQ, to call Prusak and thank him personally. DQ is preparing an appropriate reward for him as well.

Public reaction has been great. People are going out of their way to patronize the DQ where Prusak works, and thanking him for his decency. The big tips he has been getting are being donated to charity.

In an age that spawned the phrase “No good deed goes unpunished,” it is heart-warming to see a good deed not only recognized but rewarded.

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