Russia leading the way in Christianity

To the editor:

The Journal’s Opinion piece “Putin’s preening” on Sept. 13 opens with “It is a sad day for U.S. foregin policy when Vladimir Putin, the former KGB officer-turned-president of Russia, can pretend to assume the high moral ground in international relations”. Well, well, it is certainly the case that Russia has assumed the moral high ground at least in domestic relations; and as such, for the better part of a decade. As far as Putin’s personal motives, who is to say? However, the resurrection of Russia as a world power and a Christian nation since her down-for-the-count a generation ago has been remarkable.

While America is busy pushing abortion and publicly-funded contraceptives for all, Russia has reversed her demographic plunge. While we’re trying to figure out ways to shove deviant-sexual behavior-as-normal into our children’s brains, the Russian legislators outlawed homosexualist propaganda aimed at youth, and did so by a margin of 436-0; and then followed that by child protection laws banning adoption to any country where children might be put under the domicile of “married” homosexuals. While Russiians were bringing some of their criminal Jewish oligarchs to court, we were giving ours a yet-unaccounted billions or trillions in hand-outs. While Obama & Co. are saying such blather about social issues that it bears not even spilling ink on it, the Russian head of the Synodal Department for Church and Society Relations responded with “Russia, which has always wanted and been able to lead the world, can now tell the West it is capable of reviving the West and make Europe Christian again; that is, go back to the ideals that once made Europe. Without them, Russia and Europe will not exist. Western civilization will not exist another fifty years without them. It’s up to you, dear friends, to decide; you can’t avoid making this decision.”

Greg Groebner


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