Keep our CURVES

To the editor:

I have been exercising at CURVES for a couple years. I (and the other women that enjoy this exercise venue) want the public to know why CURVES is a great place to exercise.

1. Curves is easy! You’re in and out in 30 minutes, including stretching after the workout. Because the staff sanitizes them twice a day, you never have to wipe down the machines, and you don’t have to adjust the equipment, ever.

2. Diet, exercise, and community are integrated into the CURVES experience. A nutritional component is an option. The machines and exercises work the whole body. Coaches are attentive to you while you are working out to keep your form safe and effective. By working out at CURVES at least three times a week, your body remains limber. Because we are all women, we build community as we visit during the workout. According to motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, who promotes CURVES, the community aspect is so important; we enjoy our time at CURVES, so we keep coming.

3. Because CURVES is for sale, the hours are limited, but there is always a staff person on the premises when CURVES is open. If you attend 12 times per month, many insurance companies pay for half of the monthly fee.

We hope someone will buy CURVES! While there are other very good exercise options in New Ulm for women, CURVES is unique for all the above reasons. We hope somebody will buy the New Ulm CURVES.

Gigi Rysdahl

New Ulm

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