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To the editor:

Please help me! I want the city of New Ulm to grow along with Mankato, Owatonna, Rochester and all the cities along the Highway 14 Corridor. One of the easiest ways to help this come to pass is to contact MnDOT and request that Highway 14 is part of the Corridors of Commerce program. If everyone who reads this takes the time to make the contact, MnDOT should see the support that New Ulm Area residents have for the completion of this corridor. The easiest way to contact MnDOT is to use the Internet and contact them at Please fill out the form and tell them WHY we need this road now. We have only been waiting 50 years.

Here are some ideas that you may want to use:

Our regions’ businesses, chambers, local governments, and federal representative recognize Hwy. 14 as a priority… we need the state of Minnesota to do the same!

The communities along Hwy 14 have been promised four lanes from Rochester to New Ulm for over 50 years. Six-and-a-half miles of progress over the next 20 (just the North Mankato to Nicollet segment) is not acceptable.

Southern Minnesota’s populations and economies are growing, but Hwy. 14 is not keeping up. We need the full four lane expansion from Rochester to New I Ilm for businesses to transport their goods and to provide citizens with safe travel.

In the past ten years alone, 27 people have been killed on the unfinished segments of Hwy 14 (Owatonna-Dodge Center and North Mankato-New Ulm)

Also feel free to personalize with any experiences, impacts to you and or your business, etc.

Robert J. “Bob”


Mayor, City of New Ulm

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