Thankful for anti-wind support

To the editor:

The citizens group concerned about the industrial wind farm outside of Winthrop thanks the Sibley GOP Leadership for joining us in opposing the Cornish township wind farm near the golf course.

All of us were disappointed to see the many comments opposing their letter never citing any facts or studies refuting the points raised by the Sibley GOP. Those of us with anxiety about the proposed wind area are all political types. What unites us is the fact that large industrial wind is NOT economical, is NOT environmental, is NOT healthy, and is NOT for the greater good.

Further, several of us were deeply hurt for the chairman and the other committee members because we have come to know them as warm, caring, conscientious people. Please know that not once have the GOP board, State Representative Glenn Gruenhagen, or State Senator Scott Newman ever asked us what political party we belong to. At our request or on their own merits they studied the issue and concluded, based on the facts, that the current industrial wind industry and policies are not good, and, out of concern for all Minnesotans took a courageous stand to publicly speak up.

Not once have we ever felt they joined our fight for political gain. In fact, many of you have witnessed that in merely presenting facts challenging industrial wind, good, solid, well-meaning citizens get attacked. They were not surprised to see it happen, but we are saddened that so often this is the way society treats people with different views. What ever happened to a good conversation between neighbors about the facts we have learned? We are our best in rural American when we discuss, not tear down. We know that in this case the Sibley GOP, Representative Gruenhagen, and Senator Newman really do care! We are thankful for their voice in this matter and truly want to thank them.

Kevin and Barb



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