Muslim-Americans being targeted

To the editor:

Muslim Americans are being treated poorly at our borders. An NPR radio program (On the Media) recently told the experiences of two groups of Muslim citizens who were returning to the US from a wedding in Toronto, Canada. At both Niagara Falls and Detroit, they were detained for six hours and had electronic devices confiscated. One member of the party was singled out and pat searched every 15 minutes. Other Muslim travelers, including children, have also been demeaned and psychologically abused by agents from Homeland Security at border crossings.

We abused Blacks and Native Americans in the US for centuries and have now added another minority group to scapegoat. Politicians and cable news outlets that exploit these prejudices are encouraging these antidemocratic practices.

We are concerned that this agency, Homeland Security, has become a law unto itself with little meaningful oversight.

Further information on this problem can be accessed at

Dr. John and Mary Kluge

New Ulm

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