Government can’t meet its own schedule

Admissions from President Barak Obama’s administration that it isn’t really ready to roll out the new national health insurance program have become regular occurrences.

By Jan. 1, every American will be required to have health insurance or pay a hefty tax for failure to comply. Those without government- or employer-provided insurance, along with many small businesses, may have to purchase coverage through state “exchanges” or “marketplaces.”

Earlier this summer, Obama announced big businesses will be given a one-year reprieve from the law mandating they provide health insurance to employees. Smaller enterprises and individual Americans get no such delay.

Information on the exchanges, along with enrollment, is to be handled through government websites. Enrollment is supposed to begin Tuesday.

But on Wednesday, federal officials revealed the Spanish-language version of the website will not be ready for a few weeks.

On Thursday, officials said small businesses in most states will not be able to use websites to obtain insurance until sometime in November.

But the Jan. 1 deadlines for compliance stand. In other words, millions of Americans have to be ready for Obamacare, even if the government is not.

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