Public notices


( October 5, 2013)

School Board Proceed-

ings Independent

School District No. 88

New Ulm, Minnesota

The school board of

Independent School

District 88 met in regu-

lar session on August

22, 2013 in the District

Administrative Center.

Members present:

Hoffman, Ringhofer,

Winter, Deslauriers,

Dewanz, Gag, and

Gieseke. Meeting

called to order by

Chair Winter.

1. Gag/Hoffman appro-

val of agenda and




Ringhofer approval of

July 25, 2013 minutes


3. Dewanz/ Deslau-

riers, approval of con-

sent agenda items: ap-

proval of personnel

and legal counsel

designation (7-0)

4. Information:

Superintendent’s Re-

port, Board Members

Committee Reports

and Announcements.

5. Ringhofer/ Deslau-

riers acceptance of

gifts (7-0)

6. Deslauriers /

Dewanz approval of


payroll/bills for audit


7. Second reading of

policies. Deslauriers /

Ringhofer approval of

revised policies. (7-0)

8. Hoffman / Deslau-

riers approval of reso-

lution authorizing entry

into joint powers

agreement. (7-0)

9. Hoffman/Dewanz

approval of authorizing

a line of credit agree-

ment. (7-0)

10. Gag/Deslauriers

approval of decade

plan. (7-0)

11. Dewanz/ Deslau-

riers adjournment at

8:06 p.m. (7-0)

The complete minutes

and all documents re-

lating to this meeting

are on file and are

available for review in

the superintendent’s

office, District Admin-

istrative Center, 15

North State Street,

New Ulm Minnesota

Independent School

District #88

New Ulm, Minnesota

By: Steve Gag

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