Local wheel watcher cashes in on Spin ID

NEW ULM – Christine Schlumpberger has been a big fan of “Wheel of Fortune.” She’s been watching America’s favorite game show since long before Vanna White started turning the letters.

This week, Schlumpberger got 10,000 more reasons to love the show. She collected a $10,000 prize after her “Spin ID” number was picked after a recent show.

People who join the Wheel of Fortune “Wheel Watchers Club” get an ID number, and after each show, a number is selected. Whoever has the number has 24 hours to claim a $5,000 prize. If they also have an active SonyCard, they can win $5,000 more.

Oddly enough, Schlumpberger’s number was drawn on a night when she wasn’t home to see the show. But she logged on to the show’s web site to play a puzzle challenge, and clicked on a button to see if her number had been drawn.

“Usually it says, ‘Sorry, try again,'” said Schlumpberger. But this time the web site informed her she was a winner.

Her husband, Bob, and her son-in-law were out in the barn working when she called them into the house to check it out. She also has the show recorded on her DVR, and has almost worn out the machine watching her number come up again and again.

Claiming the prize involved answering a lot of questions and filling out a lot of forms.

“I wasn’t sure I was really going to get it,” Schlumpberger said. “Not until I actually got the check.”

This week the FedEx envelope arrived, with the $10,000 check in it, sending Schlumpberger into new heights of excitement. “I’ve never won anything before,” she said. “This is the biggest thing I ever won.”

She plans to put most of the money in a savings account “and just look at it for awhile.”

Her husband and son-in-law are expecting their cut as well, she said.

“They said I have to buy them each a Monster Burger,” she laughed.

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