Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

The peoples’ stadium

THUMBS DOWN: The Minnesota Vikings new stadium, the so-called “people’s stadium” that Gov. Mark Dayton talked about, will be open to the people of the state with lots of money burning a hole in their pockets, it seems.

The development agreement for the stadium was signed on Thursday, with the Vikings announcing that at least $100 million of their share of the cost will be paid by fans through the form of ticket licenses. Season ticket purchasers will pay an average of $2,500, just for the right to buy a ticket. Lower priced seats will have only a $500 ticket license, but the highest end ticket licenses will be $10,000.

We have no doubt people and companies will be lining up to pay the license fee, and then pay for the tickets. We hope the Vikings make the experience worth it.

Oktoberfest time

THUMBS UP: It may rain on the German-American Parade today, but Oktoberfest is here, rain or shine. The Holiday Inn’s festivities will be unaffected as they continue today, but downtown revelers may have to dodge some of the showers that are forecast.

It’s still a lot of fun. We hope people will give it a try.

Carson’s committee

THUMBS UP: It was fun to see Carson Lewis at Citizens Bank Minnesota this week, demonstrating the ease with which he can enter and leave the new minivan adapted specially for him. Carson, who is wheelchair-bound, is the special beneficiary of the “Cruizin’ for Carson” committee at Citizens Bank, who raised over $60,000 this summer to purchase the van for his family.

Carson is quite adept at maneuvering his chair up and down the ramp that slides automatically out the side of the van. The vehicle makes it much easier for him and his family to get around.

Congratulations to the committee, and good luck to the Lewis family. May they enjoy many trouble-free miles with their new wheels.

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