Simply Food: Salmon Patties

It’s finally cooling down around here. I love the fall weather. Cool weather for Las Vegas is 70-80 degrees, at least for this time of year. It is a vast improvement on the 115 degree days we have experienced over the summer. I keep looking at my boots and sweaters, thinking, not too much longer. I can’t wait to wear scarves and jackets too.

This week I wanted to cook something for my friends and family, which was light but hearty at the same time. I am not ready to get into the really heavy comfort foods just yet. It’s not cold enough for a heavy lasagna or a creamy soup just yet. We have been enjoying eating lots of salads lately. I love experimenting with different salads. The varieties are endless.

When Claud and I first met, he made the most delicious salad at one of his restaurants in England. It was a warm chicken salad. This warm, deliciously smoked, thinly sliced chicken rested on a bed of crisp fresh greens. On top of the chicken, laid a healthy portion of caramelized onions. He drizzled balsamic vinaigrette over the top of all of this. This was the most delectable salad I had ever eaten. The only thing better would have been warm goat cheese on top.

This week, I decided to make a salad that combines these ideas. We have been invited over to our friend’s house for dinner. They asked me to bring a salad. I wanted to bring something a little different from the usual lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. I decided to make this salad a little bit more interesting. Instead of chicken or cheese, I am incorporating warm salmon cake. I wouldn’t know how to smoke chicken or even where I could buy some. Also, I am trying not to eat so much cheese because it is so fattening. So, I made salmon cakes. Salmon cakes are an excellent idea for leftover salmon. I am not using them from leftovers this time but if you have some leftover grilled salmon, you could whip these up in minutes.

Salmon is my favorite fish. I could eat it all of the time. It is also really good for your health. Salmon contains high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids. Nowadays, everyone knows how important omega-3 is to your heart health.

To make salmon even more incredible, I read recently that it is associated with a decreased risk of depression in teenagers. That’s not all, salmon has also been found to help with a decreased risk of hostility in teenagers. Can this be true? I might have to start making salmon daily.

Salmon has also been linked to helping reduce the risk of cognitive decline in older people and to higher IQ. So, really, making this dish is a benefit for everyone who eats it. Raising teenagers requires a higher IQ. We have to be one step ahead of them at all times.

I am going to make everything ahead of time and all I will have to do is heat up the salmon cakes and caramelized onions and drizzle on the balsamic when we are ready to sit down. That should be easy. These patties could also be used as a main dish. You could add rice or potatoes and your favorite vegetable to compliment them. Or, you could use it as a burger or in a sandwich. Any of these options sound amazing to me. Enjoy.

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