Variance OK’d for Mathiowetz Construction to add truck wash

NEW ULM – The Brown County Board of Adjustment unanimously approved a variance application Wednesday by Mathiowetz Construction Co. to reduce two setbacks to allow for construction of an addition to an existing truck wash in the I-2 General Industrial Zone, Leavenworth Township.

According to the application, Mathiowetz Construction plans to build a 24×40-foot wood structure with steel siding. The application requested an 18-foot setback to the bluff and 30-foot setback to the Ordinary High Water Line of the Cottonwood River.

The project is needed to accommodate over-length trucks for washing and a desire to contain wastewater, according to the application. In addition, a New Ulm truck wash that was formerly used, is now closed.

Mathiowetz Construction Vice President Julie Anderson said the company treats wash water with three underground tanks designed to filter out any oil plus a sedimentation pond before the water flows into the river.

“We have a lined wash water pond that can hold 6 feet of freeboard but have never had more than 2 feet in it,” Anderson said. “When the sediment pond is full, we take the sediment to the sanitary landfill.”

Anderson said the company would like to begin project construction within a week or two.

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