Giving up leverage?

To the editor:

President Obama waxed eloquent in his Wednesday news conference about his willingness to meet with Republicans in the House to discuss their concerns regarding Obamacare.

However, there was just one tiny stipulation. That was that the House Republicans had to quit blocking the raising of the debt limit so the government could get back to some sort of normalcy in its operations before he would to them about it. Sounded pretty good, didn’t it?

I’m sure a number of people watching that news conference were swayed away from supporting the House Republicans by his obvious “willingness” to meet with them if they just took the first step.

The only problem, and it’s a big one, is that if the House Republicans agreed to that approach and did that, it means they have no leverage left. So, all Obama has to do is say he changed his mind and won’t agree to making any changes in “Obamacare.” Therefore, we Americans should be questioning Obama as to why he won’t meet with the House Republicans now to resolve any issues they may have about “Obamacare.” That’s the honorable way of doing it.

Ronald L.W. Larsen

New Ulm

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