Throw the bums out in 2014

To the editor:

There is an election in 2014

Throw the “bums” out of office.

Enclosed is our last subscription check to The Journal after 20 years. $170.

Like the majority (65 percent) we all need to drastically cut back because of Obamacare and the ever skyrocketing insurance premiums. You can “thank” Rep. Tim Walz, Al Franken, Amy Klobuchar and Barack Hussein Obama for your ever increasing insurance costs!

As many families we will cut back “big time.” There will be no Christmas gifts. We have asked our children who live far away not to travel home for the Christmas season.

Remember, there is an election in 2014. We can fix this. Vote the “bums” out of office.

Wake/up people.

The power to tax…

Is the power to destroy…

Barack Hussein Obama

Korie Langbehn


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