Pro-life includes pro-health care

To the editor:

I was one of 5 million Catholics who received a survey last week from Brian Burch of Catholic He asked four leading questions about the Affordable Medical Care Act (ObamaCare). His questions were obviously against better medical care for us.

I only know that since 1919, the Catholic Bishops, Priests, and Nuns have called for full coverage of all Americans. I could not find any mention of that in Burch’s questions.

My dear Mother gave birth to 10 of us (2 sets of twins). She said the greatest love we can give to any unborn baby is complete medical care of each baby from the moment of conception until natural death. (Just what U.S. Bishops have called for since 1919).

What better way to say. “I am pro-life and against abortion” than by saying I demand great medical care for EVERY American from the moment of conception until natural death?

Our dear Mother always said that if a politician says he is pro-life and against abortion, shake his hand and thank him for wanting medical care for everyone from the day they are conceived until their natural death. If he says that he is not in favor of that, then he is not pro-life and against abortion. Do NOT vote for him, but do not condemn him either, instead, pray for his conversion.

Gary Gossman


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