Seifert strong in GOP straw poll

Former Marshall area state representative Marty Seifert has been on the political sidelines since 2010, when he lost the Republican nomination for governor to Tom Emmer. A lot of Republicans feel that Seifert would have beaten Mark Dayton in the election. Certainly he was far too smart and savvy a politician to commit the kind of gaffes that sank Emmer (such as claiming restaurant wait staff earned $100,000 a year).

Seifert has been gone, but not forgotten. In the Republican State Central Committeee Straw Poll taken this past weekend, Seifert finished third, behind Hennepin County Commissioner Jim Johnson and state Sen. Dave Thompson. That’s quite a feat for a write-in candidate who hasn’t formed a committee or done any kind of campaigning.

As the House Minority Leader for the Republicans from 2006 to the end of his term in 2011, Seifert was known for his staunch anti-tax, anti-spending policies, and especially for his ability to coin colorful phrases in criticizing the DFL.

It’s obvious Seifert still has friends in the Republican Party. He has the name recognition and the ability to run a smart campaign, and he certainly has the ability to serve as governor, if he chooses to enter the race.

It would certainly make it an interesting race if he did.

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