This bazaar said ‘Yes to the Dresses’

FAIRFAX – Thanks to lots of labor by church committee women, historic wedding dresses and other wedding memorabilia and lots of homemade food will be featured Saturday at the “Here Comes the Bride” Fall Bazaar Saturday at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church in Fairfax.

Wedding dresses, shoes, photos, receipts for flowers and Fairfax Auditorium rental fees will be on display. Members of the church and others in the community provided the items.

“The dresses are still beautiful,” said bazaar committee member Jan Simonsen. “People really get excited about getting their wedding dresses and other wedding things out. Some brought photos, bouquets, shoes and veils. Everybody has a story about their wedding day to tell too.”

Simonsen said the bazaar formerly focused on food and crafts. Last year, quilts were featured. She attended an event with historic wedding dresses and decided to try it in Fairfax.

“The bazaar has been a community event for a long time. Now it’s drawing people from a larger area. It’s lots of fun,” Simonsen said.

Many brides sewed their own dresses. Others bought them at stores like the Lorraine Shop and Brett’s Department Store Bridal Shop, both in Mankato.

Some families brought as many a three generations of wedding dresses to the bazaar. Dresses will be displayed in the sanctuary as well as the lower level.

Of course, the event will include bake and crafts sales, raffles and a country store with fruits and vegetables.

The bazaar, which is scheduled from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, is one of the church’s biggest fundraisers.

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