Childcare Unionization Town Hall Meeting

To the editor:

The Sibley County GOP invites its Sibley County friends and neighbors to attend an informational meeting on the extremist DFL push to unionize Childcare providers and PCAs (personal care attendants).

This event is Tuesday, Nov. 5 in the Hutchinson library beginning at 7 p.m. Speakers will be District 18 legislators serving Sibley County and include:

State Representative Glenn Gruenhagen (Sibley & McLeod)

State Representative Dean Urdahl (McLeod, Meeker, Wright)

Sen. Scott Newman (Sibley, McLeod, Meeker, Wright)

Hollee Saville, Expert on Childcare Unionization.

Hollee has been one of the driving forces to stop the radical DFL’s effort to force unionization on childcare providers.

This extremist approach to caring for children does two things:

1. It drives up child care costs for all families, especially the low-income which the lying DFL always tells us they are concerned about most; and

2. It is raises more money for unions, which everyone knows their leaders run the DFL.

Please join us and invite your friends. It will be held at the City of Hutchinson Library, 50 Hassan Street SE, Hutchinson.

Imagine a society with taxes and utility rates so low that mothers have the economic freedom to choose to stay home with their children, again. We know there are liberals (some are even Republicans) at City, County, State, and National levels, however, with the involvement of common sense Americans we can stop their radical agenda and get them un-elected. Imagine that!

Mark Santelman

GOP Chair, Winthrop

Emily Gruenhagen

Deputy Chair, rural Glencoe

Brandon Ronning

Deputy Chair, Arlington

Nathan Kranz

Treasurer, rural Gaylord

Barb Bumgardner

Secretary, rural Winthrop

Larry Bumgardner

Vice Chair, rural Winthrop

Rae Anderson

Vice-Chair, rural Arlington

Don Mader

Vice-Chair, rural New Auburn

Jessica Wiborg

Vice-Chair, Winthrop

Morris Lieske

Vice-Chair, rural Henderson

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