New Ulm Area Catholic Schools present: ‘ The Legend of Sleeping Beauty’

Photos, story by Fritz Busch

Twenty-six Cathedral High School (CHS) students in grades 7 through 12 have been busy since last August learning new lines and dances and singing lyrics for the production of the musical “The Legend of Sleepy Eye Beauty., based on Briar Rose by the brothers Grimm.

“This is the first children’s theater production for CHS in many years,” said Musical Director Anita Shikoski. “It is a very entertaining story that all ages enjoy. The musical opens with great excitement in the kingdom because the new princess has been born.”

The child is expected to save them from the evil force that threatens their kingdom. The evil Aunt Malicia shows up uninvited at the christening, causing a scene that ends with deadly curses.

To protect the child, three kindly godmothers take her to live in a secluded forest cottage until her 16th birthday, when the curse will expire.

With help from a couple thugs, Malicia plots to find the princess so the curse will be fulfilled.

Prince Michael, who has fallen in love with the princess, arrives at a castle to find this his love has fallen victim to Malicia’s curse and is sleeping in an isolated tower.

Don’t miss the play to learn the exciting conclusion.

This is the last drama experience for six seniors: Emily Domeier, Jacob Hogen, Peyton Lewis, Megan Olson, Karlee Pfaff, and Maria Reising. Many of them have appeared in nearly every NUACS production since they were fifth graders, Shikoski said.

“Besides missing their incredible array of acting, singing, and dancing talent, I will miss the determination, energy, and laughter they brought to every rehearsal,” she added.

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