Horse poo problem? Really?

To the editor:

To the person who wrote in to complain about some horse manure on their street in town…really? I really think you need to get a life.

There are so many more important things to worry about in today’s world (starving children, high taxes, homicides, government turmoil, abused animals, etc.) than a small horse deposit on a city street. It wasn’t my horse, but I have ridden my horse through town in the past and I certainly don’t carry a shovel on my saddle. Horses were travelling town streets long before cars started polluting the air we breathe and they leave behind much more natural pollution than most current modes of transport.

While I agree that dog walkers should pick up after their pets, its not as if there are herds of horses roaming and leaving their deposits through the town. As long as the pile wasn’t in your yard or on the sidewalk (I agree, that would be inappropriate to leave), you really need to stop complaining.

Veleda Cordes

New Ulm

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