Superhero Murder Mystery

NEW ULM – Student London Watson wondered if his telekinetic superpowers could lift a bridge as well as give a “wedgie” to a high school bully. Chris Gordon, one of the organizers of the Superheroes Project, thought that a bridge lifting might be better on stage. The other kids liked the wedgie idea. London’s research and his performance are all part of an after school theatre program that culminates in a final performance.

The public is invited to see that performance in “Murder at the Platinum Palace” on Wednesday, Nov. 20 at Washington School, 910 14th St. The brief show begins at 5:15 p.m. in the gym. Admission is free and the show is suitable for all ages. The audience will watch some scenes then vote for the Whodunit.

The after-school theatre program was created by Chris Gordon. He approached NUACT, and their Board of Directors decided to approve and fund the project with assistance from the Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council. Teacher Kayla Jones and NUACT Executive Director Paul Warshauer joined Gordon and have taught four classes on Wednesday afternoons at Washington School in improvisation and character development that resulted in the show.

The Mayor of Newulmopolis is played by Mr. Paul Warshauer. He is running for re-election, so needs a strong superhero to work with him. The Chief of Police is played by Mr. Chris Gordon who faces a city on the brink of chaos. The six superheroes are played by the students. DuMan, played by Kylee Nosbush, is part dog, part man, with super hearing, smell and sight. Luper, played by Autumn Bauer, is part werewolf and able to move really fast. Opticore is played by Kavan Ruehling has the ability to locate lost stuff and see through buildings. Raptor, played by Connor Schiller, is able to fly and possesses immense strength. Wedgie Man, played by London Watson, is able to telepathically lift objects from underwear to bridges. Firegirl, played by Chakylin Ruehling, is able to create and throw balls of fire and melt stuff. Finally, Mrs. Polly Platinum, played by teacher Kayla Jones, is the wealthiest woman in Newulmpolis.

The storyline was created by the students and involves some twists and turns. Ms. Polly Platinum lost her husband several years ago when he was drowned in chocolate leaving her a billionaire. No one was caught so the “murderer” is still at large. Ever since then she has hired scientists to come up with a Power Booster. Last week Polly called for an important meeting that is taking place today in her Platinum Palace (the gym). She will award a power booster to anyone who wins the contest. The contest consists of being a good citizen and demonstrations of superpowers.

For more information call (507) 359-9990.

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