Veterans who support veterans

To the editor:

In response and support for letters you posted on Nov 5th, 2013 titled “A call to all military veterans” written by Linda Sherry, Commander of VFW Post 1648 and also an article you posted Nov 11th, 2013 titled “Honor veterans with more than ‘Thank You’, I would like to start out by saying “Welcome Home” to all my fellow veterans. I would also like to say “Thank You” to all the local business and organizations who took part in celebrating Veterans Day last week.

Many wars and conflicts have occurred since I was born. Starting with the Vietnam War, I can still remember some of the images that were on TV of the battle and the protests. This was a very trying time for our country, but we learned some very important lessons not only on the battlefield but here at home. The key lesson was that if we expect someone to put their life on the line for us we need to support them when they return. As we know this was not an everyday practice in the late 60’s and 70’s. With the courage of those veterans who spoke up about how they were treated when they got home, our country changed. With recent conflicts and wars the American population did a great job finding ways to support our newest veterans and for this I can say ‘Thank You”. The programs and support groups that have been implemented, will eventually go away.

This is where the Veterans Organizations become the key element to the continued support. Over the past 15 years I have seen a decrease of membership in our veterans organizations, all over the country. This is where the call to veterans comes in. We as veterans need to become strong and continue that great support we have seen from our country. The best way is to join a veterans organization and get involved. Not only do our current veterans need this support but the support chain has got to be strong if there is a call for future conflicts.

In closing I would like to say that many veterans groups are here in New Ulm, and they are currently seeking new members. If you are a veteran, join one and you get the opportunity to continue serving this great country.

Lyle Zobel

Past Commander VFW 1648

Post Adjutant for American Legion Post 132

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