Stuck in the mud

To the editor:

My friend Barry got himself a new “vehicle” and started traveling around the country bragging about how wonderful it was. Things were going great for him until he got off the main road and onto a rutted, muddy road. But he thought that his “vehicle” was so good that it could rise above any obstacle. Then he hit a mudhole. Fast. He got stuck real good. Then he tried backing up and got really stuck.

Finally a tow truck from a local business came along and went through a lot of work to get Barry unstuck and told him he needed a better “vehicle” for his travels. But Barry bristled at the suggestion that his “vehicle” wasn’t up to the job. He wouldn’t admit that he got himself into the mess and really didn’t care how much work it was for the guy to get him out. He said “Hey, my ‘vehicle’ is good. This ugly mudhole isn’t my fault. You’re the one with the muddy boots, mine are clean.”

Dennis Born

New Ulm

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