LOSE IT to WIN IT registers 2,238, falls short

NEW ULM – Hearts Beat Back: The Heart of New Ulm Project (HONU) announced that as of the close of registrations on Nov. 18, a total of 2,238 adults who live or work in New Ulm had registered for the LOSE IT to WIN IT Challenge and made the commitment to lose or maintain their weight.

“This is an amazing number and a great testament to the enthusiasm and dedication of everyone in the New Ulm community who is helping create healthy ‘wins’ for themselves, their families and the entire community,” said Cindy Winters, community programs and public policy specialist for HONU. “It’s really about encouraging and supporting one another in leading healthier lives and the community is doing a great job at that.”

The challenge goal was to get 2,500 people registered in order to secure the first $25,000 donation toward a $100,000 community prize of new outdoor fitness equipment for New Ulm parks and bicycle improvements.

While the total number of registrations came up a bit short of the goal, Winters said that HONU will make a prorated donation of $22,380 to start the community on the path to the community prize. The prize is possible thanks to a grant from UnitedHealth Group and a generous donation from New Ulm Medical Center Foundation.

The next phase of the challenge for the community is two-fold.

First, participants are encouraged to lose or maintain weight and weigh in regularly and second, they need to officially complete the challenge.

Over the course of the challenge, participants can collectively earn up to $50,000 in additional community prize dollars for the community prize. The final donation amount will be based on the amount of weight participants lose (or maintain), according to the data collected from weigh-ins at the challenge kiosks..

The final $25,000 donation amount will come if enough people fully complete the challenge when it ends just before Thanksgiving in 2014.

For details on the challenge completion requirements, visit www.heartsbeatback.org/loseit and click on “Check Our Frequently Asked Questions” and then see the section, “Completing the Challenge.”

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