Many reasons to give thanks

Thanksgiving may be a national holiday, but it is an intensely personal one as well. We as a nation may have many reasons to give thanks -?or not, depending on your view of the economy, or of politics, or of international relationships – but when we sit down at the table tomorrow with our families, it is the deeply personal things that we will be most thankful for.

Each of us will take stock. We may be thankful for our health, or for the support we have received in our illness. We may be thankful for our bounty, or for the kindness and charity of strangers who are helping us through the tough times. We may be thankful for the family we have with us around the table, or for the phone call that connected us with the loved one who is far away.

We may be thankful for the joys and successes we have experienced, or for the grace and strength we have received in our sorrows.

There will be millions of people in the U.S. and around the world celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, and there will be millions of reasons for each of them to be thankful.

Here at The Journal we are thankful for another year, for our loyal readers, and for the good news we hope will come in abundance in the year to come.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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