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Christmas season

THUMBS UP: We must say, New Ulm does do Christmas kickoffs well. The holiday get the old world treatment from the Christkindlmarkt, the Glockenspiel plays Christmas songs, and the annual Parade of Lights gets more entertaining every year.

With a late start because Thanksgiving falls on one of the last days of the month, we think New Ulm has kicked it into high gear.

Holiday pounds

THUMBS UP: It’s a little disappointing that the Lose It to Win It program at the Hearts Beat Back: Heart of New Ulm wasn’t able to sign up the full 2,500 participants it needed to qualify for the full $25,000 in funding for outdoor exercise equipment, but we’re sure those who have signed up will benefit during the holiday weight-gain season.

We have long held the belief that it is not the hyper-caloric Thanksgiving dinner that makes everyone gain weight during the holiday season. That’s just one meal, after all, and a few walks around the block will help deal with that.

What puts on the weight is the food people bring to work during the season – the tins of cookies, the meat and cheese trays, the boxes of chocolates. They sit in the break room or on a cabinet where everyone can grab a handful as they pass by, and suddenly everyone has a reason to walk across the office.

A little Lose It to Win It could really help people deal with the extra temptations of the season.

Business bouncing back?

THUMBS UP: For a few years we’ve been hearing that businesses are sitting on big cash reserves, just waiting for something – a big tax cut, or a big upswing in the economy – before spending it.

It is starting to appear the wait may be over for some. The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) reported this week that 31 new business expansions were reported in the state in the third quarter of the current fiscal year, which should add about 1,500 new jobs.

That may not sound like a lot, but if it signifies a trend, we could look forward to more announcements of expansions in the future.

Go get flu shots!

It’s cold and flu season. While we know not everyone will heed the advice, we’ll reiterate what health care professionals advise: Get your flu shots!

The shots are safe. They will not give you the flu. They are not perfect in effectiveness, but that is only because the vaccine has to be predicted, and different strains can emerge. Still, a shot is the best defense against flu. And flu shots DO NOT cause autism. Parents do their children a disservice by falling for wild claims about vaccinations.

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