Mayor Beussman following orders

To the editor:

I see Mayor Beussman (“LGA increase easing burden on cities,” Nov. 23) is right on cue with the talking points from The Coalition For Greater Minnesota Cities (which is a lobbying organization for bigger government).

The Democrats promised property taxes would go down because of their big state tax increases during the last legislative session – they lied. So, the Coalition For Greater Minnesota Cities sent out talking points to Mayors and city councils and told them to write letters to the editors to make Gov. Dayton and the rest of the Democrats look like the are doing a great job.

Just where do you think LGA funds come from? They come from the taxpayers to begin with.

I’m also wondering why health insurance increased 23 percent or $190,000. Couldn’t be because of Obamacare could it?

Scott Hendrycks

New Ulm

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