Clarifying SE teachers’ position

To the editor:

There was an article published on Saturday, Nov. 16, detailing the minutes from the Sleepy Eye Public School’s monthly school board meeting. Highlighted within the article were details regarding the negotiation process with the teachers’ union.

We would like to clarify some items within the article that may have been misinterpreted. The Journal stated teachers were asking for a little over 11 percent as a raise; however, this 11 percent would be spread out over two years. This equates to a little over five percent each year. The figure disclosed was a number offered in the midst of negotiations as part of the negotiations process.

It is crucial to note Sleepy Eye teachers have taken less than a cost of living raise for the past two contract negotiations rounds (four years), partly because of the state of the economy both at the local and state levels, as well as reported district finances.

While we understand finances are tight, teachers in the Sleepy Eye School District are simply seeking to have competitive and fair salaries in comparison to schools in the area with similar population sizes. Finally, numerous teachers are taking home less pay than they did in 2009. Sleepy Eye’s teachers are working hard to improve student performance, as well as leading them towards becoming successful, productive members of society. Please support your local teachers in gaining a just and fair wage.

Reward School.

Reward Teachers.

Mindy Berkner


Sleepy Eye

Education Association

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