Thankful for help with horse

To the editor:

I am writing in response to a previous letter titled: Safety First at the Parade of Lights.

My name is Thomas Maidl and I am the owner of the Clydesdale that was Pulling Sewing Seeds Quilt Co. float at the 2013 Parade of Lights. The reason I am writing this letter is to say thank you to Mike Gag, New Ulm Battery Members and everyone else who helped and shared their concerns to myself and my horse Nelly in our time of need.

One thing I have come to know after working with draft horses is that no matter how broke and calm they are, they are still animals and they can get spooked. As of this point I still have no clue what made her so scared but I do know that after all the Parades (including last year’s Parade of Lights), Battery Events, WSCA Shows, Minnesota State Fair, and State Horse Show I have never seen her react like that. Other Battery members said the same thing. She is the kind of horse that will follow you around the pasture for a treat and some attention. I feel her going down on the street was her way of saying “I am sorry but I can’t do this tonight.”

I feel very thankful for the people that helped me Friday night, along with all the bystanders that kept back making it possible for us to get Nelly unhitched, on her feet and the carriage out of the way. Once again, Thank You to all who helped. A Huge Thank you also to Sewing Seeds Quilt Co. -Ann Wendinger, Jackie Forst & Cindy Wendinger for their support in the decision on not continuing with the parade and for all their kind words of support.

Thomas Maidl

New Ulm

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