Simply Food: Chocolate Mousse Cake

I should have known when I asked Daphne to do a little research and to then tell me what she would like me to make for my article this week that, obviously, she looked at all things chocolate. Daphne loves chocolate. Every time I make a grocery list, I will find scribbled at the end of my list, “Chocolate,” written in her handwriting. When she accompanies me to the grocery store, she throws chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate squares, chocolate chips, chocolate cakes, and anything else she finds chocolate into the cart. I have to stop her because she gets carried away. She wishes I were more of a dessert baker than a cook.

I am not like this at all. I never think about desserts because I really don’t like them. I wouldn’t go so far as to say, I don’t like chocolate. I do. But I can take it or leave it. I prefer to spend my empty calorie intake on cheese or salty fried things. Even when I throw a dinner party and people ask what to bring, I usually say just bring yourself. Sometimes the response to this is, “Should I bring dessert?” I say, “Oh yeah, that’s a great idea.” I forget to make dessert. When people bring dessert, I think, “Wow, I should really remember desserts. Everyone seems to like eating dessert.” Inevitably, the next time I cook a meal for friends, I forget again. I don’t know what my deal is.

Daphne decided she wanted me to make chocolate mousse cake. Because I don’t usually make desserts, I thought that sounded pretty fancy and complicated. Then, I looked into it and it actually seemed very easy. Also, there is no baking involved. This was a relief because I am not a good baker at all. In fact, I am pretty darn bad at it.

I looked through a few recipes and thought; I could do this no problem. She and I went to the store for the few ingredients we needed to get this done. We just got home from a party and it was about eleven at night. That is a really odd time to go to Wal-Mart in Las Vegas. There were some interesting characters shopping at that hour and the store was more crowded than I expected. It was Saturday night and lots of people were picking up bottles of booze to take to parties. The shelves were being restocked and huge crates of food were filling the aisles. I was happy we only needed a few things. We were in and out.

I intended to make this cake much earlier in the day but the day just flew by and there I was in Wal-Mart at 11. That’s OK. Daphne and I were having fun with it. We went home and got set up. If all went well, we planned on serving it at a baby shower we were throwing the following day. She and I made the crust, we made the filling and all we knew is that the filling needed six hours at least to set. No problem. We were happy we prepared it the night before.

The next morning she woke me up asking if she could taste the cake. I told her it was not for breakfast. She had to wait. So, a few hours later, she asked again,

“Can I try it?” I said, No. I told her, I thought it would be a good idea to try it out at the baby shower. She finally agreed. So, we threw the baby shower, which was a lot of fun. A close friend was in charge of bringing the cake. She went to a great bakery in town. She arrived with a beautiful cake. It had an elephant and a zebra on top. Everyone was impressed. This cake was beautiful.

A little while after the store bought cake arrived, Daphne came out with our chocolate mousse cake. People were still in the cake-eating mood. I was impressed. I didn’t think they would want any more cake. I was wrong. In the end, the couple having the baby only wanted to take our chocolate mousse cake home with them. That’s when I knew it was good. I was so excited. They didn’t want the fancy cake with the elephant and zebra. They wanted my simple mousse cake. You should make this cake. It is so simple and everyone will love it.

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