Wind energy getting away with eagle-cide

For as long as 30 years, the wind power industry will be permitted to do something no one else can get away with, President Barack Obama has decreed. No matter how many bald and golden eagles are killed by wind power turbines, the industry will not be punished in any way.

Few of Obama’s near-imperial acts have been as arrogant, irresponsible and hypocritical – and that is saying something.

It is illegal to kill bald and golden eagles, even accidentally. But the Obama administration has refused to prosecute wind power companies for doing so, even though studies indicate their turbines kill dozens of the birds each year. Now, Obama is making it official.

Billions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted on Obama’s “green energy” experiments. He has made it clear he intends to eliminate one fuel used to supply tens of millions of Americans with electricity – coal.

But he also has made it plain that no matter what the cost, no matter what the damage to the environment, he means to subsidize other forms of energy, including wind and solar power.

Now, he is adding that it does not even matter whether those industries break the law.

In normal times, it might be suggested Congress should stop Obama’s crazy, illegal campaign. But Democratic lawmakers have made it apparent they will do no such thing.

Obviously, it is time for American voters to take back our Congress – and our country.

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