Keep Mall parking lot clean, safe

To the editor:

I agree with the previous letters about the very bad condition of the Marktplatz Mall parking lot. This space is ideal for Mall parking, BUT it must be kept clean and safe! This area certainly needs regular cleaning and repairs (if necessary) to keep if functional. Hey! NO magic button to push for “self cleaning,” a lot of “old fashioned hard work” would do it! Yes, New Ulm, “The City Beautiful,” did not get that way by sitting back and doing nothing!

I do have to park here during the year. I keep wondering, “Will I?have a flat tire from broken glass, or other debris?” Should not happen!

Please, let’s keep this area clean and safe and inviting as it was years ago! Might even help draw more in-town shoppers! How about that?

Ruth M. Nielsen

New Ulm

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