From the Farm: The Internet is not always true

I’m grumpy today.

Not as grumpy as I was yesterday, but still a bit grumpy.

I swore some 20-odd years ago that I would never give an inch of my space to any radical animal rights organizations, but I am compelled to after reading the latest attack on animal agriculture by a writer for an on-line story in Rolling Stone magazine.

I cannot believe the editors allowed this story to run in their pages! It’s just poor journalism all together! It contains false information and it is completely one-sided – the writers side.

I have never, ever seen another story so jam-packed full of lies. The writer should be ashamed of himself. I hope he goes to bed feeling horrible for submitting it to Rolling Stone.

In the story, he accuses dairy farmers of some horrendous things.

“drugs, combined with breeding decisions has grossly distended the size of your udder such that you trip over it if you are allowed to graze,” he states after he asks the reader to pretend he or she is a cow.

” hooves have rotted black from standing in in your own [expletive.]”

“Your bones are so brittle they snap below you,” he writes.

To get a cow up “they hit you in the eyes with a cattle prod or in the groin, or stick a fire hose down your throat to get you up.”

The writer also claims that cows eat their young!

That threw my calm demeanor into over-load.

I cannot believe such trash is being spilled into the media. Not only did the writer chastise dairy farming, he also attacked chicken producers and hog producers.

According to the writer, it’s common practice to feed hogs broken light-bulb glass because hog farmers are too cheap to haul their trash away. Sure, farmers may be cheap but I know not a one that feeds light bulbs to animals.

What makes me most angry about these yahoos is the fact that they attack the entire dairy, poultry and hog industry.

I am not going to sit here and say that bad things don’t happen on animal production farms.

They do.

It happens on some farms; not every farm. Focus on the farms that do horrendous things to their animals.

Why in the world would a dairy farmer want to poke a cow’s eyes out? That would render it completely helpless. She wouldn’t know where to go or how to get to the feed or to sip fresh water from the water fountain.

A cow tripping over her udder? Really?

Not every cow is created equal. Some are more “bosomy-blessed” than others. The size of a cow’s udder has absolutely nothing to do with how much milk she produces. If a cow has an udder that is so big that she trips over it on her way to the pasture, it would be amazing. OK, and a bit funny.

I was talking to Steve about the story and told him my point of view.

If this dude wants to write this crap (pardon the description) that’s his choice.

What bothers me is the fact that he is reaching millions of people who will actually believe this hyperbole.

Just think of how many people read that particular story and think it is 100 percent true. (I had to force myself to read it.)

I once had a dairy producer tell me I need to keep writing my column because it shows the true side of agriculture.

“We need to continue to let consumers see the good we do,” he said.

I may have to expand my rsum and submit a story to that lousy on-line edition of the magazine!

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