Ice melt, shovels, snow blowers selling fast

NEW ULM – Snow shovels, snow blowers and ice melt are among the hotter selling items at hardware stores following a snowy Christmas Eve.

New Ulm weather reporter Victor Roepke reported 3.4 inches of snow fell on New Ulm over the Christmas Holiday.

“We’ve got two snow blowers left,” said Brad Retzlaff at Retzlaff Ace Hardware in New Ulm. “Snow shovels and carbon monoxide detectors are selling well too…We’ve still got some left and more coming in. Our repair shop has been busy fixing snow blowers.”

Joyce Bauer at Bauer’s Do It Best Hardware said the store has a good supply of snow blowers and snow shovels. She added that the business’ small engine repair shop has been busy fixing snow blowers.

John Puhlmann at Puhlmann Lumber & Design said bags of Polar Express Ice Melt have been selling well.

Russ McCabe at McCabe’s Ace Hardware in Sleepy Eye said bait, roof rakes and (ice melting) roof pellets have been selling well lately.

“Minnows and wax worms are moving. We’re the bait shop around here,” McCabe said. “With school out and other people not as busy, they’re finding more time to fish. We were sold out of carbon monoxide detectors until the Thursday morning freight came in.”

No measurable snowfall was forecast for the next week by the National Weather Service Thursday. The long-term (three-month) forecast predicted average snowfall and temperatures for January, February and March of 2014.

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