Still stuck

To the editor:

It was late in the day, near his deadline, he wanted to be home and relaxed knowing that all was right in his world. Ernie the Tow Truck Man was headed down the road after a busy day when he saw another motorist in trouble. This guy was stuck in a mud hole. He had wiggled his “vehicle” back and forth plus a bit sideways until he had no hope of getting out on his own. Ernie felt he still had one more tow left in him so he headed over there. It was Barry again. Stuck. In the same mud hole. Same “vehicle” too. Ernie rolled down his window and said “You again?” Barry rolled his eyes to the heavens and said “Isn’t there anybody else around here to help me out?” Ernie said “Well you just don’t get it, do you? Your “vehicle” has some problems.” Barry scoffed “My “vehicle” is just fine!”

Then Ernie said “Well, if you want to keep the vehicle you have now, you can just keep vehicle you have now. Then he rolled up his window and left.

Dennis Born

New Ulm

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