Above the law?

President Barack Obama has made it clear over and over again, frequently in wholesale changes and complete reversals of health care law provisions, that he considers the law of the land something he can ignore at will.

During his Christmas vacation in Hawaii, the president did it again, this time regarding terrorists detained at the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, military base.

Part of a big defense bill Obama signed into law last Thursday stipulates none of the detainees can be transferred to the U.S. mainland. Though he signed the measure, the president emphasized he intends to ignore that prohibition.

He has said that several times, presumably to placate liberals who believe the Guantanamo Bay detention center should be closed.

But the overwhelming majority of Americans don’t want the government to ship terrorists here. Though some have concerns about Guantanamo Bay, most recognize there is no viable alternative.

Obama is unlikely to have any of the terrorists transferred to the U.S. mainland, but only because he understands he would suffer terribly from public opinion opposed to such action.

Still, his continuing insistence that, in effect, he can ignore laws passed by the people’s representatives is troubling. Unfortunately, it has become a pattern in this, the most imperial presidency in memory.

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